Terrence Tianqi Dai  戴天琦
Ph.D Student in Economics
University of Washington

Hello there! I am currently a 4th year Ph.D student here at the University of Washington-Seattle where I'm learning to utilize causal inference techniques to take advantage of informative and interesting data to tell good stories and help stakeholders make decisions.

Currently, I'm working as the Data Analytics Intern for the Statcast team at Major League Baseball where I use tools such as SQL to work with large-scale baseball data and help the Statcast and Baseball Savant team develop interesting content out of advanced metrics such as bat tracking and biomechanics data. And as a treat to myself, I also try to work on expected stats, predictive models, and game theoretical models. 

My main graduate school project examines the relationship between e-commerce development and urban migration patterns in contemporary rural China. More broadly, I'm interested in studying the causal impact of policies and programs around the world, especially in developing country contexts.

Prior to falling in love with Seattle, I spent about 5 years in America's Dairyland, obtaining my undergraduate degrees from and working for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. And I enjoyed some formative high school years in the First State, Delaware, after growing up in Chengdu, China where, as I would always tell everyone who asks, the spicy food and pandas are from.

Research Interests